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Meet Anne

     Tacoma, Washington native Anne deMille Flood, began her art career with a set of colored pencils in 1991.  She is mostly self taught, having never enrolled in formal art school.

     Her home town of Tacoma served as the inspiration for many of her early works and continues to be the focus of her  theme of “Tacoma’s Favorite Places”.  These images include many of the historically important buildings in Tacoma, but also range from popular eating establishments to the night clubs and taverns that are gathering spots for many Tacoma natives.

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“I love color, history, and architecture, and you can clearly see all those influences in my colored pencil images.   My art has allowed me to learn about and explore historic locations and their backgrounds that I otherwise would not have been aware of.  I strive to blend realism and nostalgia in my work and offer the viewer a glimpse of past and present in an artistic way.  I like to call my style, 'retro-realism.'"

Anne deMille Flood

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