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Tacoma's Favorite Places®

Like you, I'm one of Tacoma's biggest fans. Born and raised here in Grit City, I've dedicated the last 25

years of my life to immortalizing our beautiful city through my passion; colored pencil.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I've tried it all, from portraits to animals, exotic birds, classic cars and more. But I found my stride in 1998 when I drew the first image of a series what I would later call "Tacoma's Favorite Places." Little did I know that my drawing of Union Station would launch a two-decades-long passion capturing the pride of Tacoma in my drawings.

As I continued to develop my style of "retro-realism," I drew some of Tacoma's most iconic landmarks like Java Jive, Frisko Freeze, the Blue Mouse Theatre and many more. I discovered that my fellow Tacomans shared my love for Tacoma and I started selling cards and prints at the Tacoma Broadway Farmers' Market in

1999. Over the years I have been a regular at Art Festivals and Farmers' Markets throughout the city, bringing Tacoma's Favorite Places to thousands of Tacoma-lovers who find joy in the memories my images inspire.

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts of this journey has been the chance to learn about the unique and inspiring history of our ever-changing city. I conduct extensive research with every image I produce, and include short histories that accompany my images. I have also had the chance to commemorate some of Tacoma's "lost but not forgotten" landmarks of days past by working from historical photos and my own memories.

As this fantastic city continues to grow, I am thrilled to share my art with new fans, and my collection has grown to over 90 images, from high schools to dive bars, city parks to historic theatres. With every image, I grow more and more impressed with what Tacoma has to offer. I am proud to say I use only local Tacoma-based business for all my reproductions, and my business has been family owned and operated for over 20 years.

Thank you for visiting, and remember, "Tacoma's Pride is Justified!"


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Union station old.jpg

The very first in my line of "Tacoma's Favorite Places," Union Station (c) 1998.


The emergence of my iconic style, "Retro-Realism," Java Jive (c) 1998

TOTO Top of the Ocean.jpg

Gone but not forgotten, The Top of the Ocean Restaurant

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