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These ceramic tiles work great as coasters or decorative art tiles! They make the perfect gift or great addition to your office! 4.25" square ceramic tile. Comes with cork backing. Heat resistant but not dishwasher safe.



The Fuzhou Ting at Tacoma’s Chinese Reconciliation Park

Completed in 2011, The Fuzhou Ting is a donation from the Senior Vice Mayor of Fuzhou China, Liang Jianyong. The construction was directed and aided by three master craftsmen from Fuzhou.

The 3.9-acre park located at the eastern end of the Ruston Way Shoreline is a special project undertaken by the City of Tacoma, in collaboration with the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation.  The Chinese Reconciliation Park is part of an act of reconciliation and inclusivity toward appreciation of people of diverse legacies.

Chinese Ting Coaster